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About Me

Helping people has always been a priority in my life. Having had a lengthy career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I was able to see the negative effects stress has on the body. It was after becoming a certified life coach, that I found my passion when I discovered EFT.  At that time I used it for my own life-long dental-anxiety and had remarkable results.


My mission is to help everyone I can who has been suffering from some form of anxiety, fears, and stress. Whether it’s related to fear of medical procedures, flying or overwhelm from life’s many demands.


Rapport and trust are very important to a successful relationship. My priority is to provide you with a safe and nurturing, non-judgmental space that insures your utmost trust and confidence.  I use EFT to give you long lasting relief in a short period of time. I am committed to your success.



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Certified Life Coach

EFT Levels 1 & 2 (EFT Founding Master- Jan Luther)

Certified EFT Practitioner; Gary Craig’s course (Dr. Pat Carrington)


“Oral surgery for an implant was an ominous experience for me. I waited two years to get started! (A clue to HOW anxious I was about having this procedure.) Once I made the commitment, I spoke with Pam (by phone) about my fears. She gently conveyed understanding, and then helped me explore exactly what I was feeling and fearing. She never judged what she heard; she just took the information to determine what tapping' procedures were needed.

I felt empowered by the EFT session which preceded the visit. It kept me focused and calm.

I hope to have Pam and EFT contributing to my peace and courage for the rest of my life!”

Gail Fore
Atlanta, GA
“Pam is a combination of extreme strength and gentle softness; to have a session with her is to feel supported and safe. She proves this over and over. Being overwhelmed with stress and pain after recent surgery, I turned to Pam for an EFT session. I was surprised how quickly I was able to relax and let go of worries. By relieving some of my pain, I was actually able to finally get some much needed sleep.”

“Due to an undiagnosed gastrointestinal problem, I had a lot of pain and discomfort, and faced a serious medical test. After only two EFT sessions with Pam, I felt more relaxed, less stressed and found that my stomach pain even began to subside. I not only felt less fearful and anxious about my impending medical procedure but also about my ongoing medical condition overall.

Pam’s understanding, compassion and support have gotten me through an extremely stressful situation. I would highly recommend her very personalized EFT sessions to anyone going through a similarly difficult time. Whether you have medical issues like mine, or any equally challenging life situation, Pam is certainly the one who can provide you with quick results.

Pam is really focused on helping her clients, and is incredibly sensitive to their needs. Her method can really help turn your life around. She helped alleviate my physical pain and improved my mental outlook and stress level. I am so much better equipped to cope with my set of circumstances. Now thanks to Pam — I even sleep better!”

Susan R.
Fairfield, CT
“Having only a few sessions with Pam has changed my life.

I came to her to work on my issues relating to food. I have lost some weight and still have successfully given up soda which was a long–time habit. I am more aware now as I am eating and make better choices without a struggle.

Her great listening skills and sensitivity allowed me to share personal things that I had not talked about with anyone before.

The safe environment, along with her intuitive EFT skills, released long–term issues I didn’t even realize I had, issues that were holding me back.

I am excited about life now, where before I felt an underlying sense of “just existing”. For the first time, I have learned to set appropriate boundaries and take care of my own needs without feeling guilty and resentful. Being a very giving person, I now give because I want to, not because I feel I have to in order to be liked.

I now have my self confidence back and people around me are continuously noticing my positive changes. I am so grateful to Pam and EFT!”


Pam Nyden, Certified EFT Practioner, Certified Life Coach

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